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NetBIOS Names Although Windows XP Professional does not require NetBIOS names,
Windows NT 4.0 and other earlier operating systems require NetBIOS names
to support networking capabilities. NetBIOS is a standard application
programming interface (API) for user applications to submit network and
control directives to underlying network protocol software. The following list
provides a description of a NetBIOS name:
 A NetBIOS name is a 16-byte name.
 In Windows XP Professional, you cannot configure a NetBIOS name as a
separate task. The NetBIOS name is created by using the first 15 letters of
the host name. The sixteenth and final character of the NetBIOS name is
used to identify the resource or service that is being referred to on the
computer. Services are specific functions of the network, such as the
directory service or messenger service. If the host name is changed after
installation, the NetBIOS names also change.
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