Monarchy in Canada

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Dzięki plikom możemy poszerzyć wiedzę na powyższy temat, poznając takie zagadnienia, jak: historia kanadyjskiej monarchii, jednostki rządzące, role polityczne, zwyczaje i zasady.
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– No wars & tax raising without consent of parliament
– Laws are created by parliament not kings
– No standing army is maintained during time of peace
– Freedom of speech in parliament
– Regular elections with no royal interference
Act of Settlement (1701) – no more Catholic kings
– Couldn’t serve in the army (until 1788)
– Catholics denied to vote and sit in parliament (until 1829)
– The monarch…
… Canada
– Personal consultants of a monarch
– Advise the Queen on constitutional and political matters
• 2 sorts of representatives abroad
– Ambassadors vs. High Commissioners

Governor General - history
• represents the monarch at the national level
– Viceroy
deputy of the Queen
• The oldest Canadian political & monarchical institution
• Roots in the 16th and 17th century colonial governors of New…

• Ambassador to the World
– building ties between Canada and foreign countries
– Represents the Queen and Canada abroad
– Receives and welcomes world leaders & dignitaries from other countries
– Acts only on the advice of Canadian government
GG – rules and customs
• The monarch appoints GG on the advice of PM
– Since 1926 – no voice for the UK government
• Until 1967 – PM would submit a list of candidates…
… monarch chooses the successor
Non-hereditary / elective monarchies
Malaysia, Cambodia, Vatican, Andorra, Swaziland
Monarch is elected (not by popular vote)
History: German Empire, Poland (1573-1791)
Malaysia – 9 sultans elect a new king for 5 years
By secret ballot, from among themselves, seniority
king elected for life
by the Royal Council, candidates…
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