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Dear mr boswell
further to our telephone conversation this morning, i have pleasure in enclosing our brochure and a price list for Jaylon products and a complimentary sample of the shrieker alarm for your inspection. Here at jaylon, we think that you have to hear it to believe it.
The Shrieker's loud warming signal and use of everlasting solar-power batteries set it apart from rival products. With winter approaching responsible people ale more aware of the dangers of fire in the home and they will be looking for a product like the shrieker to give them peace of mind.
Unfortunately, we are unable to consider your request for sale or return on this product. However, we wolud be prepared to offer you a substantial discount on a large order.
i look forward to hearing your viwes in the near future. i would welcome the opportunity of meeting you in person at a time which is convenient for you. once again thank you for your interest in j products.
Met her last Tuesday at great Outdoors exhibition, olimpia.
enclose brochure and price list. Free sample of the t.
good time of year- chrostmas approaching. An ideal present for a climber or walker. Outline Tracker benefits.
can't agree to f being sole stockists for region. can offer sole agency for towns where f have branches. remind about sales video.
planning to be in manchester next week.
Possible to see her in person to hear what she thinks. will thing next week.
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