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OBO -ore/bulk/oil VLCC -Very Large Crude Carriers ULCC -Ultra Large Crude Carriers LPG -Liquefied Petroleum Gas LNG -Liquefied Natural Gas LASH- Lighter Aboard Ship BACAT -Barge Aboard Catamaran MERCHANT VESSELS (HANDLOWY)- can be classified according to what they carry or what functions they perform. Most of them are designed to carry cargo, some of them carry both cargo and passengers and few carry passengers only. BULK CARGO CARRIERS (MASOWCE)- can be divided into three basic types. One type carries dry cargo in bulk the other type carries liquid cargo. The third type OBO vessels carry both. OIL TANKERS (TANKOWC E)-are the most common type of liquid cargo carrier. They range in size from small to VLCC and ULCC. GENERAL CARGO VESSELS (DROBNICOWCE)- they have undergone major changes in recent years. From a traditional type of a multi-deck cargo vessel they have been transformed into semi-container and container vessels of different types ro-ro , con-ro and barge carriers and ships for the carriage of cars and heavy lifts. RO-RO- carry a very broad range of wheeled freight including road trailers and containers. These ships are specially designed in order to speed up the loading and discharging operations at the ferry terminals. They have either stern or side or bow doors fitted and there is a ramp for vehicles and rail carriages to roll on and roll of the vessel. CON-RO -vessels are a combination of ro-ro and container vessel. BARGE CARRYING VESSELS(BARKOWCE)- are of various types. LASH BACAT and SEABEE are the most common types. BARGE-CARRYING SYSTEM - represent the latest achievements in the sea and inland waterway transport rationalization. They are based on the idea of separating the propulsion unit from the cargo facilities proper. This system usually consists of one or more barge-carriers and three sets of barges corresponding to the specific requirements of the region SPECIAL DUTY SHIPS- ICEBREAKER, TUG, DREGER, RESCUE BOAT, PILOT LAUNCH, LIGHTVESSEL, SURVEYING VESSEL PILOT LAUNCHES- are motor boats for transporting pilots to and from vessel approaching and leaving ports. They must be seaworthy as pilots go out to sea in all weather condition. TUGS- some tugs are designed to push convoys of barges along the river other to help ships in and out of ports. Most of them have firefighting equipment. ICEBREAKERS- they are very important to shipping in winter, helping to keep the ports and channels open for the ships to use them. Their hulls are specially strengthened and they have powerful engines. DREDGERS - are used to remove the sand and mud ... zobacz całą notatkę

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