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Good morning ladies and gentelmens. I'm very happy to meet you in this place, in this amazing day. The day has already come with new energy and plans to meet goals in our challenge on global market. So I'm extremely happy, that you have already arrived here. Please calm down. Are every body on your seat? Have you gotten booklets?
Can we start? So, let's start.
. What I want to do today is saying about
the plans and achievements in competitive global market in area of health and beauty.
Today I'm going to talk strictly about promotional activity in Great Britain. The value of British cosmetics market is 10 bilion euro, so the decision was one. We must steadly increase sales in this country. We could achieve this aim in two ways. First of all, we have made contacts with well-known and famous singer and actress Pamela Shu which has been responsible for building strong and positive relations in different medias and World of Celebrities. Selected brands are individually prepared for her expectations and unique characteristic. Secondly I want to look at trend chart and changes in consumer behaviours to highlight our benefits and advantages in comparison with other company.
Right, I have told you about satisfaction and people's opinion from continuously made polls. I'd like to end this part of my presentation with conclusion. We keep going our activities guided by respect for people and refuse.
I'd like to draw your attention to my next point of speech. That is support service. We cooperate with many doctors and specialists in area of phisical health. Our staff is concerned on qualititive work in Health Center. Next thing I'd like to talk about is principle: Healthy spirit is healthy life. The question is What does this mean for us. It simple. Let's look at this in more detail.
For example if you have bad day you only need our relaxing aloe product series to recharge vitality (vitalits) in your body. To support what I've said you can look at the section11.
If you look at the sales figures for April of 2012 you can see steadly increased production and sales on this market. Let me show you my emotions- Yes, Yes, Yes.
And the end I'd like to conclude my presentation.
If you have any questions please don't hesistate to ask. Thank you for your attention.
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