Jakie są właściwości dysku

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What Are Disk Properties You can use either Disk Management or DiskPart to view disk properties,
which contain information about the physical disk and the volumes that it
Use the information in disk properties when you replace a hard disk or to verify
that a specific disk is installed on a server.
Disk properties provide the latest available information about the disk. You can
access this information by using DiskPart or by using Disk Management to
open the Properties dialog box for the disk. The following tabs in the Properties dialog box display disk properties:
! General. Provides the model number and the location of the disk.
! Volumes . Provides the disk number, type, status, partition style, capacity,
unallocated space, and reserved space of the disk.
In addition to the information in Disk Management, DiskPart provides the Disk
ID and the disk type, such as IDE, ATA, or SCSI.
For example, to order a replacement for a failed hard disk, the systems
administrator must know the model, type, and capacity of the original disk.
After installing the new disk, the administrator configures it with the disk
number, partitions, unallocated space, and volume type.
After you move hard disks between computers, you must rescan the disks.
When Disk Management rescans disk properties, it scans all attached disks for
changes to the disk configuration. It also updates information about removable
media, CD-ROM drives, basic volumes, file systems, and drive letters.
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