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Generating a Compatibility Report Windows XP Professional provides a report-only mode that can generate
compatibility reports. To generate a report, an operating system must be
installed on the computer. These reports provide you with information about
incompatible hardware and software before you perform an installation or an
upgrade. You can analyze these reports to determine whether your hardware is
compatible with Windows XP Professional, or whether you need to install
update packs or new versions of applications. Using the Upgrade Advisor You can generate a compatibility report by running the Microsoft Windows
Upgrade Advisor. The Upgrade Advisor checks the existing hardware and
software to determine if any unrecognized or incompatible hardware or
software is installed on your system.
To run the Upgrade Advisor, insert the product CD and then run winnt32, using
the /checkupgradeonly switch. For example, if your CD-ROM is the E: drive,
you would type E:\I386\Winnt32 /checkupgradeonly . The Upgrade Advisor
will display a system compatibility report, which can then be viewed in detail or
saved. The default name is Upgrade.txt, and the default save location is the
Windows folder on the local drive.
To analyze the upgrade readiness of a large number of computers, you can run
the Upgrade Advisor as part of an organization-wide logon script, and store the
results in a central location for later evaluation. Software Compatibility If you perform a new installation, you might not need the information on
software compatibility; in fact, there may not be any existing software.
However, the software information is essential during an upgrade.
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