Generative Transformational Grammar-opracowanie

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Generative Transformational Grammar
Generative transformational grammar is a theory of grammar that was proposed by the American linguist Chomsky in 1957. It has since been developed by him and many other linguists. Chomsky attempted to provide a model for the description of all languages. A generative transformational grammar tries to show, with a system of rules, the knowledge which a native speaker of a language uses in forming grammatical sentences. So language is based on a system of rules, makes infinite use of finite means. “Generate” - through a rule of substitution, it's possible to generate sentence patterns that would cover the whole language. “Transformational” - a rule that rearranges various elements in a sentence when that sentence is changed from simple to a more complicated one. When students know the basic system of a language, it is easier to form and understand an infinite number of sentences. This theory is primarily referred to native speakers.
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