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Textbook Design And Evaluation
The basic characteristics of any school textbook must be presented in terms of its structure and functions. This approach has been defined as the structural-functional approach. Its main premise is that the text book is considered to be complex structure of components (parts, elements) that have specific didactic function.
supplementary (optional material)
explanatory (vocabulary)
Extra-textual components:
organisational component (e.g. questions, assignments) used to stimulate and direct the pupils in the educational process and to form habits for individual work with textbooks
orientational component (e.g. table of contents)
illustrational components (e.g. photographs, maps and drawings)
Four functions of a foreign language textbook:
The informational function rests in learning information on language and speech elements, situations of language use, spheres of social life, culture and background.
The motivational function helps stimulate the learners' language activities, forms their interests towards the learning subject, and forms a foreign language atmosphere.
The communicative function helps develop the main forms of language skills, and enables learners to communicate in the respective foreign language.
The feedback function aims at the execution of assessment and self-assessment of the learners' progress as the condition for the functioning of feedback mechanism. This function exerts influence on the success in the learners' progress towards set aims and stimulates learning.
A language packet - a unit of foreign language materials ( which might be written or supplied on audio or video tape, or might be a mixture of audio, video and written materials) compiled for the language learner to work on individually or in group work.
Textbook analysis is the systematic analysis of a textbook with the aim of identifying the relative effectiveness of various aspects of textbook materials through a system of objective criteria.
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