Dokumentowanie właściwości dysku

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Documenting Disk Properties In this practice, you will document disk properties.
You are the systems administrator for an organizational unit on a large network.
After arriving at work one morning, you read the following e-mail message
from your manager:
We need to take inventory of all the different disk drives that we have
installed on our servers. By doing this, we will be better prepared in an
emergency if one of the drives fails. We will be able to order a replacement
quickly without having to figure out the model number, capacity, and so on.
Please collect the following information about the disk on the server in the
graphics department:
• Manufacturer
• Model
• Disk type
• Drive capacity
You should also collect the volume information so that we do not spend
hours trying to remember how the disk was configured in case we need to
replace it:
• Disk number
Partition style
• Number of partitions
• Capacity of each partition
Please write this information in the Systems log book so that we can access
the information quickly in case of a disk failure.
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