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Two meanings of word curriculum:
the curriculum is an educational programme that states:
the educational purpose of the programme (the ends)
the content, teaching procedures and learning experiences which will be necessary to achieve this purpose (the means)
some means for assessing whether or not the educational ends have been achieved
the curriculum is another term for syllabus
Curriculum is an official document setting as a framework or a set of guidelines for the teaching of a subject area in a broad and varied context. It states the scope and the goals, the rationale and guiding principles of a teaching programme in a very broad sense.
Syllabus is a more particularized document that addresses a specific group of learners and teachers, a particular course of study or a particular series of textbooks.
Language teaching syllabuses may be based on:
grammatical items and vocabulary (structural syllabus)
the language needed for different types of situations (situational syllabus)
the meanings and communicative functions which the learner needs to express in the target language (notional syllabus)
Syllabus is used in communicative language teaching
notions - concepts and meanings a learner needs to communicate (time, quantity, duration, location)
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