Complex words, affixes, rhythm, elision - definitions

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Complex words - are of two major types: words made from a basic stem word with the addiction of an affix, and compound words, which are made of two (or occasionally more) independent English words (e.g. “ice-cream”, “armchair”).
Affixes - are of two sorts in English: prefixes, which come before the stem (e.g. unpleasant) and suffixes, which come after the stem (e.g. goodness).
Rhythm - the notion of rhythm involves some noticeable event happening at regular intervals of time.
It has often been claimed that English speech is rhythmical, and that the rhythm is detectable in the regular occurrence of stressed syllables.
Elision - the nature of elision may be stated quite simply: under certain circumstances sounds disappear, one might express this in more technical language by saying that in certain circumstances a phoneme may be realised as zero, or have zero realization or be deleted. Elision is typical in rapid, casual speech.
Producing elisions is something which foreign learners do not need to learn to do.
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