Co to jest zarządzanie dyskami

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What Is Disk Management Disk Management, a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, is a
system utility that consolidates all of your disk management tasks for both local
and remote administration of Windows Server 2003. Because Disk
Management is an MMC snap-in, it uses the interface, menu structure, and
shortcut menus that you are accustomed to using. You can gain access to Disk
Management in the Computer Management console, or you can create a
separate console for it.
You can use Disk Management to configure and manage your storage space and
perform all your disk management tasks. You can also use Disk Management to
convert disk storage type, create and extend volumes, and perform other disk
management tasks, such as managing drive letters and paths and maintaining
Windows Server 2003.
When you create a separate console and add the Disk Management snap-in, you
can focus the snap-in either on the local computer or on another computer for
remote administration of that computer. As a member of the Administrators
group or Server Operators group, you can manage disks on a computer running
Windows Server 2003 that is a member of the domain, or of a trusted domain,
from any other computer running Windows Server 2003 on the network.
For example, you can create a console to which you add multiple Disk
Management snap-ins, each focused on a different remote computer. You can
then manage the disk storage of all of the computers from that single console.
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