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About SQL*Plus
SQL*Plus is a command-line program that you use to submit SQL and PL/SQL
statements to an Oracle database. You can submit statements interactively or as
SQL*Plus scripts. SQL*Plus is installed with the database and is located in your
ORACLE_HOME/bin directory.
You can start SQL*Plus from the command line, or on Microsoft Windows, from the
Start menu.
When SQL*Plus loads, it issues the SQL prompt, which looks like this:
At the SQL prompt, you can enter statements that perform administrative tasks such
as shutting down the database or creating a new user, or you can query, insert, update,
and delete data.
You can enter a single SQL statement on multiple lines. You must end each statement
with a semicolon (;). For most statements, you can rerun a statement by entering a
slash (/) on a line by itself.
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