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Largest numer of crimes commited in UK are criminal crimes.
Victim Support Scheme (psychological, police telling how to prevent crime in future)
Compensation - in the past were only fines (money paid to the state, not to victim). Now apart of them there is also financial compensation to victim (for material, moral damages).
In GB there are NO national police forces. Responsibility for police is on local level (county in England and Wales and regions in Scotland). There are different salaries for police officers in different counties (this is equivalent of Polish województwo)
In London: separate systems of police forces in counties would be troublesome if there wasn't Metropolitan Police. It is responsible for London and additionally keeps record of crimes for the whole country. NEW SCOTLAND YARD
With/without warrant (nakaz sądowy) - issued (wydany) by magistrate (lowest instance court). Warrant is always needed but sometimes it is issued later. But it HAVE TO be delivered before arrest or later.
Arrested person has two rights:
To consult a solicitor
To inform one person
These rights can be delayed up to 36 hours.
Person can be detained (trzymać w areszcie) up to 96 hours without a charge
Bail Act - court decides if defendant (oskarżony) should be released on Bail (kaucja). Person can wait for trial in home. Money is later returned - it's only a guarantee that person would not escape. Person can be asked to wait in Bail Hotels or at home, but they must be available all the time.
Run by Homme Office (ministerstwo spraw węwnętrznych) - official body
Board of Visitors - check if prisoners are treated properly (members are often retired judges)
Custody (areszt śledczy) - only for serious crimes
Magistrate's Court - can give sentences up to 12 months
Crown Courts - other sentences (up to life sentence, in Britain there is no capital punishment)
Those criminals are usually not sent to prisons. They have to pay fine (to state) and compensation (to a victim).
Probation (zawieszenie)
Community work
Curfew order (curfew - godzina policyjna) - started with football hooligans. If there is match planned, people who committed crimes on matches are not allowed to leave home.
OPEN PRISONS (Northern Ireland)
In open prisons prisoners may be permitted to take up employment in the community, returning to the prison for sleep.
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