Wykład - Making of national literature 1800 -1865

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Making of national literature 1800 -1865 - Part 2
Romanticism - a particular attitude toward the realities of man, nature, society.
Characteristics : free, rebellious spirit
inner life, importance of the subconscious
strangeness and mystery
fantastic visions
enthusiasm for primitive life
nature (source of the knowledge of the primitive, refuge from civilization, revelation of God to the individual)
idealizing the `noble savage' - an individual not spoiled by luxury and sophistication
stress on emotion rather than reason
subjectivity in form and meaning
Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849) - tu jego zdjęcie :PP ]:- - podobny ^^
Family background : - Poe's mother - a talented English actress, Elizabeth Arnold
- Poe's father - a much less talented American (Irish) actor, David Poe. He was an alcoholic who deserted his wife and their three infant children.
- Poe's mother dies of consumption (tuberculosis) in 1811 before Poe's second birthday
-Poe is taken to the home of John Allan and his wife
- John Allan - a wealthy tobacco merchant. Poe takes Allan as his middle name, after his foster father.
Relations with his foster father : Gains : Poe spent time in England, beginning his education in private schools.
Admitted to the University of Virginia and later to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
Suffering: Given a small allowance at the University of Virginia Poe turns to gambling, later got no allowance at all and could not pay his gambling debts.
Dismissed from West Point for violations of academy regulations.
Poe's mother - Elisabeth Arnold Poe
Poe's first wife - Virginia Clemm Poe
Poe's first marriage : Poe married his thirteen-year-old cousin Virginia Clemm in 1835.
This marriage gave his life some affection and structure.
In 1842, Virginia ruptured a blood vessel while singing.
When she died in 1847, he fell into an abnormal state of mind and body.
Poe's character : Poe had an unstable temperament
Was insecure, troubled, disturbed, neurotic, unhappy with reasonless fears.
Led a life of outward struggle and inner turmoil
Moved from Richmond (Virginia) to New York, then to Philadelphia and finally to Baltimore
Maintained real and varied interest in the world around him (letters, reviews, essays), not only in literature but also in theatre, architecture, music, painting, commerce, education, governments and science


… devices used in it : a brilliant detective
the device of the `baffled friend' - the detective's companion is not good at solutions. The detective tells him the story.
At the end - the detective discloses his surprising solution and `elucidates' - step by step the reasoning that led to it.
By eliminating all the impossibilities, you arrive at the truth
The foil is rather stupid
The official guardians of…
… almost divine knowledge, leading readers to the `Promised land', so they forget the ordinary world - for example, the poem `Dreamland'.
Poe's themes : may be connected with the mental state of the author, but do not explain the work itself
burden of a doubt
death - of a beautiful woman, the seductive nature of death
loss, despair
double self (split-personality…
… appeared in Philadelphia's Saturday Courier . It follows many conventions of Gothic fiction (weird, chilling, frightening and horrifying: in gloomy castles, crypts and gloomy mansions : with images of ruin and decay; episodes of imprisonment, cruelty, and persecution).
`A MS Found in a bottle' (1833) - won him a literary prize.
The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym(1838) - a long prose work.
`The fall of the…
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