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USA - Prawo i kary - wykłady (ang.) - strona 1 USA - Prawo i kary - wykłady (ang.) - strona 2 USA - Prawo i kary - wykłady (ang.) - strona 3

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Jest napisana po angielsku. Pierwszy rok studiów filologii angielskiej. 1 strona w formacie odt (dokument Open Office).

Crime and law MIRANDA RULE - criminals must be told what their rights are 2. EXLUCIONARY - if someone committed a crime and you want to find someone evidences for that on your own and if you found them in an illegal way to court wouldn't take them into consideration 3. 8 th AMENDMENT TO - prohibits cruel and unusual punishment US CONSTITUTION and if any evidence suggests that a state pension system may be breaking this rule
an action against it may be brought in the federal courts
4. 21 years old - under this age alcohol is forbidden 5. Death Penalty - California, Texas, Florida...
- Texas - AM. Death Penalty Capital - 60's some states abolished death penalty - 1975 - the Supreme Court allowed death penalty to be
used in certain circumstances (even in the death penalty
states most murders don't quality for it) ... zobacz całą notatkę

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