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Rok I filologii angielskiej, przedmiot: realioznawstwo, który prowadzi dr Wojciech Jasiakiewicz. Jest napisana w całości po angielsku. Jest w formacie odt (obsługiwany przez Open Office) i ma 3 strony. Jej tematyka dotyczy wyborów prezydenckich w Stanach Zjednoczonych. W treści notatki: wymagania jakie musi spełnić kandydat na prezydenta, sposób wyboru, bierne prawo wyborcze - kto może głosować?

Election of the president
The process of presidential election begins within a party pre-election of candidates for the convention. We distinguish: a) caucuses 1st in Iowa - (3x bigger population than New Hampshire) it takes place much earlier than 1st primary
meetings of party activists
b) primaries February - June
first in New England state of New Hampshire the delegates must begin by supporting the winner it turns what he has no chance to be chosen they may switch to someone else
Once the party's candidate for the presidency has been chosen the convention has to:
prepare and agree a statement of the party's policy or “platform”
choose it's candidate for the vice-presidency proclaim its unity behind the candidates and their platform
Between the conventions and November the campaign is between the two parties new each united against the other is support of its pair candidates who campaign all over the country themselves - expenditure at this stage is limited by law and party financed by public funds. Timetable November - election takes place on first Tuesday after the first Monday (every 4 years)
December - results are announced
January - Inauguration Ceremony The main rules:
citizens aged 18 may vote
one have to register in order to vote one have to settle in one place for more than 6 months - Am is a very mobile nation
usually only 60 % of voting people (minorities are reluctant)
Candidate for a President:
- has to be American (of Am. parents) must be resident of US for 14 years
one has to be at leas 35
has to be socially a) married
b) protestant
c) special features of character d) good appearance Ethnic minorities, women, non-christian, divorced have little chance.
The 2 months interval between the election and the hand-over of power is now often used by outgoing president still in office as a “lame duck” to give his successor some advice. The President's policies must be approved by The House of Representatives and the Senate. Within the Executive Branch there are a number of executive dep. Each party has chosen its candidates for President and V-President. 3 or 4 months before the November election at a convention composed of about 3,000 delegates from the state depends on population with additions for those states where a party won at the previous election. ... zobacz całą notatkę

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