Tworzenie i uwierzytelnianie lokalnych kont użytkowników

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Tworzenie i uwierzytelnianie lokalnych kont użytkowników - strona 1

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Creating and Authenticating Local User Accounts Local user accounts, which are the only type of user accounts in a workgroup
environment, are created on the computer on which they will be used, and
enable the user to gain access to resources on that computer.
A local user account resides in a security account database, called the Security
Account Manager (SAM), of the computer on which the user account is created.
Because the local user account resides locally, it controls access only to local
resources, which are those resources that reside on the local computer.
When a local user account is authenticated, it is authenticated against the
credentials in the local SAM.
This course does not address the administration of user accounts. For
more information about administering user accounts, see Module 1,
.Introduction to Windows 2000 Administration,. and Module 2, .Setting Up
User Accounts,. in Course 2028A, Basic Administration of Microsoft Windows 2000 .
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