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Suggestopedia is a method of foreign language teaching developed by Bulgarian doctor and psychiatrists Georgi Lazanov, who claimed about link between perception and learning, perceiving on paraconscious level. It makes use of dialogues, situations and translations to present and practice language, and in particular, makes use of music, visual images, and relaxation exercises to make learning more comfortable and effective. Suggestopedia is said to be a pedagogical application of “suggestology”, the influence of suggestion on human behavior. Suggestopedic texts have a rational structure and logical development. They are rich in cultural content and try to avoid all causes of anxiety, and attempt to bring out the “creative child” in each student.
Suggestopedia course:
4-5 weeks; 5 days a week; 3-5 hours a day
lesson lasts 4-5 hours - the first session every day is always carryover from the previous day and warm up
the material is written dialogues
presentation of text to classical music - active concert (material gains access to the long-term memory blank)
the activation phrase - reading before sleeping and after waking up; activation - different activities that emphasize communication (active concert - students actively follow the text; passive concert - students just listen)
the role of teacher is to bring a tension-free and joyful atmosphere
it makes use of dialogues, situation and translation to present and practice language
suggestopedia is a pedagogical application of “suggestology” - the influence of suggestion on human behavior
active concert → activation phrase → passive concert → adaptation phrase
situational language teaching - context setter, error corrector
audiolingual - ideal language model, drill leader, commander of classroom activity
natural - actor and props user
suggestopedia - auto-hypnotist, authority figure, commander and action monitor
TPR - commander and action monitor
communicative - task designer, classroom colleague to the learners
silent way - active role in learning, developing responsibility
situational - imitator and memorizer
audiolingual - patterns practicer
TPR - performer, order taker
communicative - improviser, negotiator
suggestopedia - relaxer, true believer
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