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I will describe one of war movies - ,,Private Ryan,,. That production hit me already in the first
10 minutes of the film. When the brave Ally’s took the Omaha beach by storm. The whole
movie is about World War 2. So we have the ally’s, Germans, Russians and polish soldiers
and the way of handling the war. But the script says about a company which comes under
Tom Hanks. They are one of the thousands companies in the united forces. But they are given
a strange mission. They have to go to France and save a private. His last name is Ryan. He
had 3 brothers and they all died in battle. So the command decided to save the last of the Ryan
family. So their mother would have at least one son left of 4. And here is where the brave
company of Tom Hanks arrives. They pack immediately and go to find and save the title
private Ryan. And that’s what the film is all about. The brave commander and his crew on a
difficult mission. But the best about the whole production are the special effects where they
don’t saved the money on the stunts, explosions, the World War 2 equipment and lots of
things. The film brilliantly imitates the 1940 to 1945 years. The whole climate of the war.
And the beautiful music that gives the magic mood. There are not many stars in the movie,
just Tom Hanks. But he is playing brightly think that ,,PR,, is his best movie ever.
I think that movies such as ,,Private Ryan,, ,,Enemy at the gate,, ,,Gold for the brave,, ,,Only
for eagles,, or ,, One bridge to far,, are very important for us and the future generations,
because they show us how our grand fathers, fathers worked for peace, a peace that us can
live in. Today many people doesn’t appreciate the work that people made in the ww2.But as
long as films like those will come the knowledge about the soldiers and the sacrifice they
made will grow from day to day. At least I hope it does.
Justyna Łazarek
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