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Preparing the Hard Disk After you configure the reference computer, you must use the System
Preparation tool, Sysprep.exe, to remove all information that is unique to the
reference computer, such as the SID and computer name. By removing this
information, you can prevent security problems that could arise if computers
have the same SIDs.
To run Sysprep.exe, perform the following steps:
1. Restart the reference computer, and then log on as Administrator.
2. If you have not already done so, create a folder and name the folder
% systemdrive %\Sysprep (where %systemdrive% is the root of the partition
on which Windows resides).
3. Copy the Sysprep.exe and Setupcl.exe files from the Deploy folder on your
hard disk or the compact disc to the % system_drive %\Sysprep folder.
4. Click Start , click Run , in the Open box, type
% systemdrive %\ sysprep\sysprep.exe . switch (where switch is the
appropriate switch or switches), and then click OK .
Example: drive : \sysprep\sysprep.exe .quiet The following table describes the actions of frequently used Sysprep.exe
switch. Switch Action -quiet Runs Sysprep.exe without displaying on-screen messages. -reboot Forces the computer to restart automatically after the image of the
hard disk is installed and the Mini-Setup Wizard starts. Restarting the
computer is useful when you want to audit the computer.s functions
and verify that the Mini-Setup Wizard is operating correctly. You
must run Sysprep.exe again to reset the Mini-Setup Wizard. -nosidgen Runs Sysprep.exe without generating a SID. You must use this switch
if you are not duplicating the hard disk on which you are running
5. Sysprep.exe will display a message box warning before proceeding, unless
you have used the .quiet switch. Click OK to proceed.
After Sysprep.exe is finished, the reference computer shuts down and is
ready to be imaged.
If you were going to duplicate the hard disk physically, you would now
remove the hard disk from the reference computer and use disk-duplicating
equipment to reproduce it.
Sysprep.exe supports only Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional,
Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, and Windows
.NET Server family of products. The servers are supported only when they are
configured as stand-alone servers.
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