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Transferring User Settings and Files by Using the USMT A user state on a computer consists of that user's files, operating system
settings, and certain settings associated with applications. The User State Migration Tool (USMT) helps users and Information Technology (IT)
professionals transfer users. files and settings to a new computer running
Windows XP Professional or to a new installation of Windows XP Professional
on an existing computer. You can use the USMT to transfer the user state from
computers running Windows 95 or later to a computer running Windows XP
Using the USMT enables IT professionals to quickly and easily include transfer
of employee files and settings as a part of operating system deployment efforts
or computer replacement. Consequently, users spend little or no time
reconfiguring a new operating system, or searching for lost files. Also, calls to
the help desk regarding reconfiguration are reduced. The reduction in time for
IT professionals, help desk staff, and users can significantly reduce the costs
associated with deploying a new operating system or new computers.
Additionally, using the USMT can reduce training costs and improve the user.s
experience with the new operating system by presenting a familiar, already
configured, operating system that requires little in the way of user adjustment.
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