Present Simple - ćwiczenia - zdania

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Fragment notatki:

I Choose the correct form of the verb and then put the adverb into the sentence. Rob and his wife (go, goes) to bed at midnight. often
Ian (comes, come, doesn't come) to work on time. never
On Sundays my parents (get up, gets up) late. always
You (do, does) your homework in the evening. twice a week
We (go, goes) for a walk after supper. frequently
(Do, Does) you (take, takes) sugar in your coffee? ever
We (doesn't, don't) speak English. very often
(Do, Does) Mrs. Tidy (clean, cleans) her flat? every second day
II Ask about the underlined part of the sentence.
Tom's parents go to the theatre once a month .
How often
I always take a cold shower because I don't like hot water. Mr. Brown comes to our shop at 8:50 My sister goes to school by bus III Create your own sentences. Each verb can be used only once.
I go have get up by take a car
day the cinema you month hungry Italy they
read come train work he in books
she every five minutes be get the office we
from it at to write school Germany
newspapers 6 o'clock week speak the evening German the swimming pool
IV Choose the noun from the list and give me the clue so that I could guess the word. There's no miming here!
e.g. Rome - It's the capital of Italy. or Where is the Coliseum?
nurse husband hotel train computer
football school dog teacher orange food dictionary Harry Potter film summer
king fireman China book letter
V Choose the verbs and expressions to complete the text.
Daily routines
write go to buy stay up exercise wake up watch TV
meet switch off start work fall asleep get up miss the buss
get home go to bed leave home have a break have a shower brush shave get dressed have breakfast have a cup of coffee
I am not an early bird. I usually (1) ___________ at 7:30. I (2) _____________ my alarm clock and keep on dreaming for about 15 minutes and then I (3) _____________ and go to the bathroom. There I (4) ____________ (5) ____________ my teeth and _____________ carefully. Then I (7) __________.


… morning - I am not an active guy. After that I go to the kitchen to (9) _______________. I usually (10) __________________ and a croissant. I (11) _____________ at about 8:30 and (12) _______________ the nearest bus stop. Sometimes I (13) ________________ and have to wait 15 minutes for the next one. I (14) _______________ at about 9:15. I (15) ____________ for lunch at about 2:00. Usually I go to the nearest McDonald's and (16) _____________ a hamburger. My job is not very exciting. I have to (17) ____________ reports on stock prices for my boss. I usually (18) _________________ in time for the late afternoon news. Then I (19) ___________ or read a book. Sometimes I (20) _______________ my friends. I (21) _______________ at about 11:00, but I never (22) ________________ before 11:30. Sometimes I (23…
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