Present Simple a Present Continuous

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present simple vs. present continuous 1. Fill in the blanks with the present simple of the verbs in brackets: a) We __________________ ( use ) the computers at school. b) She __________________ (forget) everything. c) John __________________ (speak) French. d) Carol __________________ (not/ go) out in the evening. e) What _______ she _________ ? (do) 2. Fill in the gaps with the present continuous of the verbs in brackets. a) She __________________ (talk) with them. b) We__________________ (learn) English now. c) _______ he __________ by the river? (lie) d) I __________________ at her ( look) e) Mary __________________ tea at the moment. (drink) 3. Circle the correct form in each tense. a) What are you doing / do you do for a living? I'm a teacher. b) I like / am liking my work. c) We usually work / are working together, but at the moment she earns / is earning a higher salary. d) I usually take / am taking the 9.00 train. e) She is painting / paints her bedroom now. 4. Put the verb into the correct form Present simple or present continuous. a) I __________________ (like) cinema very much. b) Jane __________________ (want) to go to the park with you. c) At the moment they __________________ (stand) in the rain. d) We are very busy now because we __________________ (wash) the floor. e) Mark usually __________________(go) to school by bus. f) My sister __________________ (eat) cereals every day. g) You __________________ (not/ run) at the moment. h) The sun __________________ (rise) in the east. “Don't talk so loudly!” - I _____________ (not/talk) loudly.
He _________ (know) all about the film.
Jane _________ (talk) to a friend at the moment.
He __________ (not/ work) on Sundays.
Margaret ________ (love) music and dancing.
He _________ (not / like) his job.
I _________ (think) she __________ (be) very pretty.
I __________ (always / go) to bed very early.
How often a day _________ (you / eat) ice-cream.
She ________ (often / clean) the house on Saturdays.
__________ (they / go) to the pub every evening?
He __________ (sit) on an armchair ____________ (smoke) a pipe.
Why _________ ( you / fix) it this morning?
I ________ (do) it because it _______ (not/ work) and I need it. Mary can't answer the phone because she _______ her hair.(wash)


… ________ hard. (always/ study) ________at the moment? (she/not/work) It ________in Summer. (never/ rain) It________ now. (rain) I ________ irregular verbs in the evening (usually/ revise) My brother ________ German at school this year. (not/learn) She never________ her homework at the weekend (do) I ________(not/know) why she ________now (cry) My sister ________ music at the moment (study) …
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