Poe's short stories

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Poe's short stories horror story
Specific genre; Poe's associated with as a classic author of horror stories
Horror fiction can be seen as a continuation of tradition which began as a gothic novel
Especially such genres were published in Europe
Blackwood's Magazine - Edinburgh
In Europe in America
Started the expatriates of European reading audience
His work stand out Profoundly of psychological exploration
Praises for psychological insight into the minds of maniacs, madmen, murderers, sick people but whose minds become disintegrated
Expressed in narrative form, uses only 1st person narration; people who face all sorts of problems, either strange or terrible things
If those mad characters are allowed to speak can try to persuade us what we have to say is right
Cast doubt on what they say Unreliable narrator - the novels should not be taken for granted; should not be fully believed.
The Cask of Amontillado
The Black Cat
The Fall of the House of Usher The Fall of the House of Usher Integration of various components makes narrative
Plot - centres on mysterious story of Roderick and his sister (family history)
Setting - a family history; place which defines boundaries for this history
Responsible for these things that happened; seems to be an independent feature
Narration - outsider, represents standards we, normal people identify. Loses his confidence when confronted with mystery of Usher family; undergoes personality disintegration; a figment of his imagination
Language, style - suits the atmosphere
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