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Modifying a Role
Suppose your applications make use of Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing, and you
determine that developers must be granted the roles AQ_ADMINISTRATOR_ROLE and AQ_
USER_ROLE to develop and test their applications. You must edit the APPDEV role to
grant it these two Advanced Queuing roles.
To modify the APPDEV role:
1. Go to the Roles page, as described in "Viewing Roles" on page 7-6.
2. Select the APPDEV role, and from the Actions menu, choose Alter Privileges.
The Alter Privileges page appears.
3. Move the AQ_ADMINISTRATOR_ROLE and AQ_USER_ROLE roles from the available
system privileges and roles table on the left to the selected system privileges and
roles table on the right to grant these two roles to the APPDEV role.
4. Click OK.
A confirmation statement appears.
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