Modernist fiction-opracowanie

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MODERNIST FICTION diversity of styles (Ernest Hemingway - simple, concrete, precise, lucid. Transparent, just reports what happens William Faulkner - use of innovative effect; Francis Scott Fitzgerald - too training of American army - felt affected; John Dos Passos - in Europe, in medical training)
in terms of ideas are generalisations; most of writers came of age at the time of World War I - historical event that shaped their sensibility, sensitivity as writers; most went to Europe and took part in war; an army built personal mythology - didn't witness it
World War I - major military conflict in the 20th century; 1st war ; certain means of self-destruction were used; gases, air planes, a completely new kind of technology, did serve to destroy human being. The question aroused - what was the purpose of the existence?
It could be stopped at any time
Existential and ideological aspect of modernistic fiction Chicago - major cultural centre in Modernism
Writers of American Modernism:
Gertrude Stein
Sherwood Anderson
William Faulkner
Francis Scott Fitzgerald
John Dos Passos
Ernest Hemingway
Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) a US writer who lived mainly in Paris after 1903. Her home there became a centre for writers, including Ernest Hemingway and Ford Madox Ford, and artists such as Picasso and Matisse. She wrote in an unusual style, often repeating words and using no punctuation. Her best-known work is The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas (1933), which is really an account of her own life. She also wrote poetry, including the famous line: `A rose is a rose is a rose.'
Lost generation - term coined by her; affected by the war - coincided by Stein who was an expartriate. At that time American writers would travel to France
Literature in Europe and America developed at the same time; American writers finally didn't lag behind Europe
Had a profound influence on F.S. Fitzgerald, Hemingway.
Encouraged Hemingway to write in simple possible style
Method - wanted to explore what she believed to be the essay of meaning - the truest meanings of words - often composed sentences in which should use combination of words without combination - repetitions - look at different combination of words, can appear text loses sense as a whole
Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941) a US writer. His most successful collection of short stories was Winesburg, Ohio (1919) about the dull life of a small town. His novels included Poor White (1920) and Dark Laughter (1925); also stayed in France some time; Winesburg Ohio
Corresponds to Spoon River Anthology; contains the similar critique of small town


… a style of writing using short, simple sentences, and received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1954. Hemingway drove an ambulance during World War I and later worked in France and Spain as a journalist reporting on World War II and the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway became ill and shot himself at his home in Idaho.His novels were about the loves and adventures of tough men. They included:
The Sun Also…
… and the Fury (1929), A Fable (1954) and The Reivers (1962). The last two won the Pulitzer Prize.
A literary giant; Interior monologue; Stream of consciousness; World highly subjective; Interested in history, has influence on his writing.
Prominent writer from the South; the only place which suffered defeat in the Civil War
The Civil War - is not very prominent in his fiction
… Poor White (1920) and Dark Laughter (1925); also stayed in France some time; Winesburg Ohio
Corresponds to Spoon River Anthology; contains the similar critique of small town
Had great influence on them and Faulkner
Manifest in the style - (style which reports what happens)
Novel - can be caked a sequence of stories
Subject matter - encouraged Faulkner to concentrate on the environment he knew from his…
Worked as a writer and journalist, reporter
Writing technique - allowed him to shape his distinct style of prose
Precise lg, uses lg to say what happens emotions are employed - a key how characters feel
didn't use any embellishments, meaning in the sentences resides in n-s & v-s
short story writer - stories compare, description of situation - tells us about the environment - “River”
concerned with the…
… developed a mental illness, and he drank too much alcohol, experiences he used in Tender is the Night (1934). In 1936 Fitzgerald moved to Hollywood to write films. His last novel, The Last Tycoon, was not finished when he died.
The Great Gatsby - a novel (1925) by the US writer F Scott Fitzgerald. The story is about Jay Gatsby, a man who has become very rich through illegal activities, and his attempts…
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