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libmemcached Set Functions
The set-related functions within libmemcached provide the same functionality as the core functions
supported by the memcached protocol. The full definition for the different functions is the same for
all the base functions (add, replace, prepend, append). For example, the function definition for
memcached_set() is:
memcached_set (memcached_st *ptr,
const char *key,
size_t key_length,
const char *value,
size_t value_length,
time_t expiration,
uint32_t flags);
The ptr is the memcached_st structure. The key and key_length define the key name and length,
and value and value_length the corresponding value and length. You can also set the expiration
and optional flags. For more information, see Section, “Controlling libmemcached
This table outlines the remainder of the set-related libmemcached functions and the equivalent core
functions supported by the memcached protocol.
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