Using libmemcached with C and C-opracowanie

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Using libmemcached with C and C++
The libmemcached library provides both C and C++ interfaces to memcached and is also the
basis for a number of different additional API implementations, including Perl, Python and Ruby.
Understanding the core libmemcached functions can help when using these other interfaces.
The C library is the most comprehensive interface library for memcached and provides functions and
operational systems not always exposed in interfaces not based on the libmemcached library.
The different functions can be divided up according to their basic operation. In addition to functions
that interface to the core API, a number of utility functions provide extended functionality, such as
appending and prepending data.
To build and install libmemcached, download the libmemcached package, run configure, and
then build and install:
shell tar xjf libmemcached-0.21.tar.gz
shell cd libmemcached-0.21
shell ./configure
shell make
shell make install
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