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libmemcached Get Functions
The libmemcached functions provide both direct access to a single item, and a multiple-key request
mechanism that provides much faster responses when fetching a large number of keys simultaneously.
The main get-style function, which is equivalent to the generic get() is memcached_get(). This
function returns a string pointer, pointing to the value associated with the specified key.
char *memcached_get (memcached_st *ptr,
const char *key, size_t key_length,
size_t *value_length,
uint32_t *flags,
memcached_return *error);
A multi-key get, memcached_mget(), is also available. Using a multiple key get operation is much
quicker to do in one block than retrieving the key values with individual calls to memcached_get(). To
start the multi-key get, call memcached_mget():
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