Letter of complaint

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Complaint of our cooperation
Dear Mr Slawkowsky,
I am writing to complain about some problems we have experienced in relation to your service.
We have a contract to next day delivery of small packages. What is especially frustrating, AQX Logistics is often more than three days late. That is totally unaccteptable because of the obligations we have to our customers. What is more, your online tracking service never works because your system is down most of time. We can not ignore such an obstacle.
Next thing is, you have just put your prices up, and it happened not the first time. Under no circumstances we can agree for that.
Despite numerous warnings from Ganges Fashion we have been unable to obtain any assistance. Many times we met the lack of interest by your cooperating staff.
We expect you to solve this uncomfortable situation by giving us a better discount within ten working days of receipt of this letter. Unless AQX Logistics do not do that, we can not afford to work with you any more.
Yours sincerelly,
Anna Malkovic
Sales Manager Ganges Fashion
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