Language and Culture - wykład w języku angielskim cz. 1

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Language and Culture - wykład w języku angielskim cz. 1 - strona 1 Language and Culture - wykład w języku angielskim cz. 1 - strona 2 Language and Culture - wykład w języku angielskim cz. 1 - strona 3

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Wykład z zajęć Language and Culture prowadzonych przez prof. Tadeusza Sławka. Notatki są w języku angielskim. Ich tematyka jest nstępująca: definicje kultury, składniki kultury, kultura niska vs kultura wysoka, zrozumienie kultury, postrzeganie kultury przez filozofów oraz naukowców, wartość kultury, znaczenie języka narodowego oraz jego rozwój itp.


“There is no history of mankind, there are only many histories of all kinds of aspects of human life.”
(Karl Popper, philosopher of science)
On the basis of the reading list, we'll discuss historical development and historical conditions which will give us understanding of the language; less about culture as a general notion, more as ways which help us to understand…
evolution of the words
“Good bye” - “God be with you”
In 1687 William Congreve writes it as “God b'wy”
Bye-bye developed from doubling and shortening “goodbye”
Truncated from “be with you - be with you”
(J. McWorther, The Power of Babel)
Language is not a neutral device, it constructs the world we live, Being attentive at words, advantageous - have a look at etymology, what happened to a given phrase…
… diplomat and philologist, is considered by some to be America's first environmentalist.[1] The Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park in Vermont takes its name, in part, from Marsh.
Elie Kedourie  (1926 -1992) was a British historian of the Middle East. He wrote from a conservative perspective, dissenting from many points of view taken as orthodox in the field. He was at the London School of
… field of description (synthetic description)
Synthetic - British culture - what constitutes the heart of culture - What is the Englishness of English culture
1 quick example - if you read George Orwell
, “England Your England”, 1941
“The insularity of the English, their refusal to take things seriously, is a folly but it plays its part in the English mystique…”
Journalist, essay…
Same, again, get, give, are, skirt, sky, skin - Viking words
“1066 French took over England for roughly next 200 years. Actually these French people were Vikings again having taken over northwestern France. Their ancestry was why these French were called the Normans - Norseman. They introduced…”
(John McWhorter
, The Power of Babel”)
Old traditions of words we use today
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