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Korean American Literature
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (1982) was an American novelist and artist most famous for her 1982 work, Dictee. She was born in Pusan, Korea during the Korean War. Her family eventually moved to the United States and settled in California. She received her B.A. and M.A. in Comparative Literature and an M.F.A.from the University of California, Berkeley. After leaving university, she moved to Paris where she studied filmmaking and critical theory before returning to the Bay Area as a filmmaker and performance artist. Cha's interdisciplinary background is clearly evident in Dictee which experiments with juxtaposition and hypertext of both print and visual media. Cha was murdered by a stranger in New York City a week after the publication of Dictee.
Dictee (1982) the best known written work of the artist Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. The book focuses on several women, the Korean revolutionary Yu Guan Soon, Joan of Arc, Demeter and Persephone, Cha's mother Hyun Soon Huo, and Cha herself, who are linked by their struggles and the way that nations have affected and twisted their lives.
Dictée has a very unorthodox structure, and consists of descriptions of the struggle to speak, uncaptioned photographs, tellings of the lives of saints and patriots, and mysterious letters that seem not to relate to the other material. The work has been described as auto-ethnography, due to its highly subjective view of heritage and the past.
Dictée is organized into nine parts, a structure that arises from the nine Greek muses.
Historia 2 kobiet, narodziła się w Korei
Wytworzenie tożsamości - years of invasion; place you cannot return because of political and family situation
Opearion of memory, reconstructs the past through texts.
Chang-rae Lee (born July 29, 1965) is a Korean American novelist and a professor of creative writing at Princeton University, where he has served as the director of Princeton's Program in Creative Writing.Lee was born in Korea in 1965. He emigrated to the United States with his family when he was 3 years old. Raised in Westchester, New York, Lee attended Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. He graduated from Yale University with a degree in English and from the University of Oregon with a MFA in writing. He worked as a Wall Street financial analyst for a year before turning to writing full time.
Native Speaker
His first novel, (1995), won numerous awards including the PEN/Hemingway Award. The novel centers around a Korean American industrial spy, explores themes of alienation and betrayal as felt or perpetrated by immigrants and first-generation citizens, and played out in local politics
Multicultural America Main character - observes mechanisms of Native speaker
how power circulates - the idea of


outsider looking at American culture from a distance. And now, a man of two worlds, he is beginning to fear that he has betrayed both—and belongs to neither. "A novel of extraordinary beauty and pain…nothing less than brilliant." —Frederick Busch "With echoes of Ralph Ellison, Chang-rae Lee's extraordinary debut speaks for another kind of invisible man: the Asian immigrant in America…a revelatory work of…
… episode that follows is carefully situated in a stage-like setting with set actors.
The story also contains echoes of the memory and nostalgia for the past that play a significant role in the writings of many South Asian-Americans. This memory and nostalgia for the landscape of places and people of the writers' childhood is often juxtaposed with the excitement and challenge of their new life and the unfamiliar landscape of the people and places of the U.S. It is interesting to explore how Mukherjee uses these two strands in this story, bringing one or the other--memory or the excitement of novelty--into the foreground to present her characters and to build the circular, winding pattern of her story.
Maxime, the narrator, attempts to do sth else with the story - it's different
Aunt - punished; pregnant…
… idea of loyalty “Japs” - refer to Japanese-American; an offensive word; word with empirical connotation, with a sense of superiority
Internalized racist - what he is told by mainstream culture
They accept some of those ideas
Racism of American society
Chiro describes American society, że teoretycznie są pewne grupy dyskryminowane and they should unite,; standing up for the rights
All discriminated…
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