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abate = reduce - to become less strong or decrease - obniżyć, zmniejszyć (to abate a nuisance - powstrzymać naruszenie porządku) abet - to encourage someone to commit a crime - podżegiwać
abettor - współsprawca (to be an abettor in sth)
abide by sth - to obey an order or rule -zastosować się, przestrzegać abode - home - mieszkanie (formal)
abolish - the act of canceling a law - znieść
abovementioned - mentioned in another part - wyżej wspomniany
absence - when you are not in the place where people expect you to be - nieobecność
abstain - to refrain from doing sth (especially voting) - powstrzymywać się abuse - misuse - nadużycie, nadużywanie accelerate - to speed up - przyspieszyć
acceptance - one of the main condition in cotract, where one party agrees to what is offered by the other party - przyjęcie oferty in accordance with = in agreement with
account in credit - someone has money
accountable - person who is responsible for sth - odpowiedzialny (accountability = responsibility)
accrue - if money accrues or is accrued, it gradually increases over a period of time - narastać
accusation - a statement saying that someone is guilty of a crime or of doing something wrong - oskarżenie acquire - to take over - wejść w posiadanie acquit - uniewinnić (acquittal) act of God - (force majeure) - a natural disaster which no one could be expected to predict act for - act on somebody's behalf -to represent someone, especially in a court of law or by doing business for them - reprezentować adultery - cheating on smb while being married -cudzołóstwo
adjourn - to stop a meeting for a break, or to postpone sth admin work - abb. for administrative work admit full liability - przyznać się do pełnej odpowiedzialności admissible - that which a court will admit or will allow to be use as evidence in a case - dopuścić
adoption - the act of starting to use a particular plan - zastosowanie
adversely - negatively, badly affiliate - company that is owned by bigger company - filia
aforesaid - mentioned above - wyżej wymieniony (aforementioned) align - to make sth equal - wyrównać
alike - similar
allegation - a statement that someone has done sth wrong, but not proven - zarzut
allege - to say that something is true or that someone has done something wrong, although it has not been proved - twierdzić że
allegedly - used when reporting something that people say is true, although it has not been proved - rzekomo


…, means to ask if you can have the job
appraisal - type of assessment of someone's performance, especially at work
apprehensive - worried or nervous about something that you are going to do, or about the future - pełen obaw
apprentice - someone who works for an employer for a fixed period of time in order to learn a particular skill or job - praktykant
apprenticeship - the period of time spent learning…
…, pełnomocnik, syndyk assist - to help
assume the obligations - to undertake liability - przyjmować zobowiązania as seen - jak widać
attest - to sign a document as evidence that the signature is real - poświadczyć, uwierzytelnić attributable - likely to have been caused by something - związany z czymś
authorization - official permission to do something, or the document giving this permission - upoważnienie…
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