Język angielski, Strona bierna

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Wyświetleń: 1946
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Język angielski, Strona bierna - strona 1

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Somebody has broken a glass. A glass has been broken. She is photocopying the documents. The documents are being photocopied. People hunt elephants for ivory. Elephants are hunted for ivory. You must turn off the TV at midnight. The TV must be turned off at midnight. The Polish eat many loaves of bread every year. Many loaves of bread are eaten by the Polish every year. He has just combed his hair. His hair has just been combed. The workers are building many new roads in Poland. Many new roads are being built in Poland by workers. Shakespeare wrote 'Hamlet'. 'Hamlet' was written by Shakespeare. Adam will finish this phone call in 5 minutes. This phone call will be finished in 5 minutes by Adam. They have bought a new DVD system. A new DVD system has been bought. Tina was doing a crossword all yesterday evening. A crossword was being done all yesterday evening by Tina. I didn't send this telegram. This telegram wasn't sent. My mother never gives me a morning kiss. I am never given a morning kiss by my mother. A lot of people enjoy sport. Sport is enjoyed by a lot of people. John offered me a new job. I was offered a new job by John. We should have seen this exhibition. This exhibition should have been seen. Danny will receive an important letter next week. An important letter will be received by Danny next week. This hotel doesn't provide breakfast. Breakfast isn't provided by this hotel. Our kids will have eaten some pizza by noon. Some pizza will have been eaten by our kids by noon. James had seen the cat before he closed the window. The cat had been seen by James before he closed the window. Gucci designed this wonderful suit. This wonderful suit was designed by Gucci. She seldom visits us. We are seldom visited by her. The mechanic is repairing my car. My car is being repaired by the mechanic. The programmer will create a new website soon. A new website will be created soon by the programmer. Gerry was trying on a new shirt. A new shirt was being tried on by Gerry. The Blacks always mow the lawn on Saturday. The lawn is always mowed on Saturday by the Blacks. He hasn't arranged all the meetings yet. All the meetings haven't been arranged yet. We had prepared the room before they arrived. The room had been prepared before they arrived. The government is establishing a new law. A new law is being established by the government. The teacher has explained a new matter to us. We have been explained a new matter by the teacher. They will have installed a new alarm by tomorrow. A new alarm will have been installed by tomorrow. She was correcting her students' mistakes.


… garlic. These rolls are flavoured with garlic. Sheila has washed her hands. Sheila's hands have been washed. Many tourists enjoy this monument. This monument is enjoyed by many tourists.
Turin is holding the Winter Olympic Games. The Winter Olympic Games are being held by Turin. He is opening a tin. A tin is being opened.
I will do it in a minute. It will be done in a minute.

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