Input Line Editing

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Input Line Editing
mysql supports input-line editing, which enables you to modify the current input line in place or recall
previous input lines. For example, the left-arrow and right-arrow keys move horizontally within the
current input line, and the up-arror and down-arrow keys move up and down through the set of
previously entered lines. Backspace deletes the character before the cursor and typing new characters
enters them at the cursor position. To enter the line, press Enter.
On Windows, the editing key sequences are the same as supported for command editing in console
windows. On Unix, the key sequences depend on the input library used to build mysql (for example,
the libedit or readline library).
Documentation for the libedit and readline libraries is available online. To change the set of key
sequences permitted by a given input library, define key bindings in the library startup file. This is a file
in your home directory: .editrc for libedit and .inputrc for readline.
For example, in libedit, Control+W deletes everything before the current cursor position and
Control+U deletes the entire line. In readline, Control+W deletes the word before the cursor and
Control+U deletes everything before the current cursor position. If mysql was built using libedit, a
user who prefers the readline behavior for these two keys can put the following lines in the .editrc
file (creating the file if necessary):
bind "^W" ed-delete-prev-word
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