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Incompatible change: MySQL 5.6.11 and later supports CREATE TABLE ... [SUB]PARTITION
BY ALGORITHM=n [LINEAR] KEY (...), which can be used to create a table whose KEY
partitioning is compatible with a MySQL 5.1 server (n=1). (Bug #14521864, Bug #66462) This syntax
is not accepted by MySQL 5.6.10 and earlier, although it is supported in MySQL 5.5 beginning
with MySQL 5.5.31. mysqldump in MySQL 5.5.31 and later MySQL 5.5 releases includes the
ALGORITHM option when dumping tables using this option, but surrounds it with conditional
comments, like this:
/*!50100 PARTITION BY KEY */ /*!50531 ALGORITHM = 1 */ /*!50100 ()
When importing a dump containing such CREATE TABLE statements into a MySQL 5.6.10 or earlier
MySQL 5.6 server, the versioned comment is not ignored, which causes a syntax error. Therefore,
prior to importing such a dump file, you must either change the comments so that the MySQL 5.6
server ignores them (by removing the string !50531 or replacing it with !50611, wherever it occurs),
or remove them.
This is not an issue with dump files made using MySQL 5.6.11 or later, where the ALGORITHM option
is written using /*!50611 ... */.
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