Economic cooperation in the BSR

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Economic cooperation in the BSR
(economic integration process, trade in the BSR, FDI in the BSR, economic position of the BSR in the world)
We have to look at it through EU economic integration because of its domination (through EU laws and rules).
The geographical profile of the BSR:
region is periphery of Europe
located at distance from the centers of population and economy in the area called `European banana'
limited economic size overall and it's subregions are relatively small
relatively low density of population, its geographic size is large relative to population
the BSR is home to about 50 million people, less than 1% of the world population. The most populated are Germany and Poland.
Economic levels: North vs. South
Cross - national cooperation:
the level of regional collaboration efforts remains high with no visible impact yet of the economic crisis
innovation and environment issues are a key concern across many of the activities
political conditions in the regions are stable, no new problems have emerged that would fundamentally undermine collaboration in the region
existing challenges with regard to the EU integration process and in the relations to Russia are not solved but are less of an immediate concern than last year
Competitiveness in the BSR:
BSR remains one of the most prosperous regions internationally despite a significant drop in prosperity in the wake of the crisis
the region continues to be highly integrated in global trade and investment. The region is active as an investor and trader abroad
Innovation output is strong, but continues a slow downward and are relative to other regions. State of the Region Report 2012 - economic position of BSR:
The BSR solid economic performance in 2011 has been a reward for its strong response to the 2008/09 crisis. Both export and domestic demand contributed to growth.
A few months into 2012, the data suggest significantly more difficult times ahead. Risks are squarely focused on the downside. The BSR's deep linkages with the rest of Europe tie its performance to the path the European economy will take.
The crisis caused a step - change in the structural evolution of the global economy. The BSR has lost export market shares but solid FDI suggests that this is a reflection of firms choosing to internationalize differently, not the result of lost competitiveness.
Country - specific differences within the Region are significant and have grown during recovery. While there are signs of solid catch - up between the Region's less and more advanced economies, policy challenges within these groups differ widely.
Competitiveness fundamentals are broadly in line with prosperity levels, and parts of the Region continue to be global leaders in competitiveness. Priorities in upgrading competitiveness differ from country to country and are related to both individual policy areas and the integration of activities across them. Regional collaboration is an important tool for specific competitiveness challenges.


Quantitative restrictions such as import quotas restrict the imports of a certain product to a specific volume per year. An example could be quotas for the export of food products to the EU market that EU accession countries have been provided with.
local content requirement (rules of origin), which determines the share of value added that should be produced in a particular country to make exports acceptable to the other country.
anti-dumping rules that are targeted to restrict the sale of products with injurious price levels
export subsidies
A free trade area consists of a group of countries among which trade takes place freely, i.e. without tariffs or quantitative restrictions.
A customs union presents a higher degree of economic integration due to a common foreign trade policy. UE. After the collapse of…
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