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Domain Name System DNS is a hierarchical client/server-based distributed database management
system. The purpose of the DNS database is to translate computer names into IP
addresses. When a user enters a domain name in an application, the DNS
service maps the name to an IP address. If you are using the Active Directory.
directory service, you must implement DNS.
The DNS naming system maps names to corresponding numbers, and is
organized in a hierarchical fashion to enable scalability to large systems.
Individuals within the same city code must have a unique phone number.
Individuals in other cities can have a duplicate telephone number if the city
codes are unique. Individuals in different countries can use the same city code
and telephone number if the country code is unique. Similarly, a host name can
be duplicated if some portion of the domain name is unique.
Each computer that stores the domain address mapping records has
mappings for only its area. These computers, known as DNS servers, only
process queries for computers located in their respective areas. As the mappings
in the area change, DNS servers can be updated automatically with the new
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