Definition of ib file set

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Definition of ib file set
To avoid confusion, for the purposes of this discussion we define the term “ib-file set” to mean the set
of operating system files that InnoDB manages as a unit. The ib-file set includes the following files:
• The system tablespace (one or more ibdata files) that contain internal system information
(including internal catalogs and undo information) and may include user data and indexes.
• Zero or more single-table tablespaces (also called “file per table” files, named *.ibd files).
• InnoDB log files; usually two, ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1. Used for crash recovery and in
An “ib-file set” does not include the corresponding .frm files that contain metadata about InnoDB
tables. The .frm files are created and managed by MySQL, and can sometimes get out of sync with
the internal metadata in InnoDB.
Multiple tables, even from more than one database, can be stored in a single “ib-file set”. (In MySQL, a
“database” is a logical collection of tables, what other systems refer to as a “schema” or “catalog”.)
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