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Database Options
This window includes the Sample Schemas tab and the Database Vault & Label
Security tab.
On the Sample Schemas tab, you can specify for the sample schemas to be created in
your database, and for custom SQL scripts to be run after database creation:
■ Sample Schemas—Select Sample Schemas to include the Sample Schemas
(EXAMPLE) tablespace in your database. Oracle guides and educational materials
contain examples based upon the Sample Schemas. Oracle recommends that you
include them in your database.
■ Custom Scripts—In the Custom Scripts subpage, optionally specify one or more
SQL scripts to run after your database is created. Scripts are useful for performing
postinstallation tasks, such as loading custom schemas. Note that if you choose to
run scripts after installation, then your scripts must include a connection string
that identifies the database. Click Help for more information.
On the Database Vault & Label Security tab, you can choose options related to Oracle
Database Vault and Oracle Label Security.
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