About Advanced Installation

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About Advanced Installation
During advanced installations using the Server Class method you are prompted to
make the additional choices listed in this section, and the choices for a typical
installation. The installation process provides default values for every choice.
This guide describes, but does not document, these additional advanced installation
choices. For more information, see Oracle Database Installation Guide for your platform.
■ Product Languages
You choose which language the software should use after it is installed. You can
select multiple languages. The default value is English. If you choose a value other
than English, it does not change the language used by the installation.
■ Database Configuration Type
You select a template to use when configuring the database. You can choose either
either General Purpose/Transaction Processing or Data Warehousing.
■ Database Configuration Options
You can choose how to configure the database created by the installer. You can
select the memory size and management options, the character sets used to store
data, the security options for database access, and whether the sample schemas
should be installed.
To complete the exercises in this guide and related course material, you must
install the sample schemas. This data is also used in most examples throughout
Oracle Database documentation. Oracle recommends that you install the sample
This choice is a configuration option only during advanced installation. Sample
schemas are installed by default during typical or Desktop class installations.
Recovery Options
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