Construction of a language test-opracowanie

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The construction of the test:
statement of the problem
contents (depend on the material, skills)
format and timing
instructions (brief, unambiguous)
criteria levels of performance
scoring procedures
The following general principles must be observed when constructing a language test:
the principle of validity - i.e. making sure that the measurements and assessments we obtain reflect what we want them to reflect
the principle of scope - i.e. making sure that we measure or assess all the varied components of foreign language competence and skills
the principle of efficiency - i.e. obtaining the best assessments within limits of time and resources available for the construction and administration of the assessments
the principle of reliability - i.e. a measure of degree to which a test gives consistent results
Different types of test items:
alternate response item e.g. true/false, yes/no, A/B
fixed response item/close-ended response e.g. multiple choice
free response item/open-ended response
structured response item - some control or guidance is given for answer
Different types of tests:
true/false test - acceptance or rejection of a statement or utterance heard or read
multiple choice test
fill-in-the-blank test
matching test
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