Will, going to - różnice

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Fragment notatki:

'will' vs 'going to'
I will go to the Himalayas. Pojadę w Himalaje.
(podjęłam taką decyzję, ale różnie może być)
I'm going to go to the Himalayas. Zamierzam pojechać w Himalaje.
(nawet jeśli jeszcze nic nie zaczęłam robić w tym kierunku, to raczej jest szansa na zrealizowanie tego)
'Will' or 'be going to'? Put the verb into the correct form.
1. Do you think that the biology test _______________ BE very difficult?
2. Be careful! You ____________________ FALL down from the stairs!
3. I know that Mark is ill and I ___________________ VISIT him tomorrow morning.
4. John is not here I'm afraid. Ok then. I ________________ CALL him later.
5. I've noticed that she was angry at me so I _________________TALK to her soon.
6. Oh, you're sick. I ___________________ GO to the pharmacy and get you some medicines.
7. Be quiet or you ________________ WAKE everyone up!
8. She is fed up with her old car and she __________________ SELL it soon.
9. I think Jane ___________________________ NOT/SPEAK to him any more after what he did.
10. Have you chosen a place for your holiday yet? Yes, we _________________GO to Greece this year.
11. She knows he phoned her again but she ______________________ NOT/PHONE him back.
12. Let's go to the restaurant. We _________________________ PAY for you.
13. He doesn't know how to use that tool. He ____________________ HURT himself.
14. I need some help with English. I _______________________ HELP you because I'm good at it.
15. ______________________ EAT that apple? Can I have it?
16. Why did she hoover the whole flat? _____________________ HAVE guests tonight?
17. I've read all my books so I ___________________ BUY some new ones next month.
18. Mike _____________________ PROBABLY/ARRIVE in Poland tomorrow night.
19. That window is too high. She ___________________ NOT/REACH it. _____________________GIVE her a hand, please?
20. What about your new job offer? Oh, I've made a decision. I ____________________ NOT/TAKE it.
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