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Using the memcached TCP Text Protocol
Communicating with a memcached server can be achieved through either the TCP or UDP protocols.
When using the TCP protocol, you can use a simple text based interface for the exchange of
When communicating with memcached, you can connect to the server using the port configured for the
server. You can open a connection with the server without requiring authorization or login. As soon as
you have connected, you can start to send commands to the server. When you have finished, you can
terminate the connection without sending any specific disconnection command. Clients are encouraged
to keep their connections open to decrease latency and improve performance.
Data is sent to the memcached server in two forms:
• Text lines, which are used to send commands to the server, and receive responses from the server.
• Unstructured data, which is used to receive or send the value information for a given key. Data is
returned to the client in exactly the format it was provided.
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