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Getting memcached Statistics
The memcached system has a built-in statistics system that collects information about the data being
stored into the cache, cache hit ratios, and detailed information on the memory usage and distribution
of information through the slab allocation used to store individual items. Statistics are provided at
both a basic level that provide the core statistics, and more specific statistics for specific areas of the
memcached server.
This information can be useful to ensure that you are getting the correct level of cache and memory
usage, and that your slab allocation and configuration properties are set at an optimal level.
The stats interface is available through the standard memcached protocol, so the reports can be
accessed by using telnet to connect to the memcached. The supplied memcached-tool includes
support for obtaining the Section, “memcached Slabs Statistics” and Section,
“memcached General Statistics” information. For more information, see Section, “Using
Alternatively, most of the language API interfaces provide a function for obtaining the statistics from the
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