Upgrading MySQL

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Upgrading MySQL
As a general rule, to upgrade from one release series to another, go to the next series rather than
skipping a series. To upgrade from a release series previous to MySQL 5.5, upgrade to each
successive release series in turn until you have reached MySQL 5.5, and then proceed with the
upgrade to MySQL 5.6. For example, if you currently are running MySQL 5.1 and wish to upgrade to
a newer series, upgrade to MySQL 5.5 first before upgrading to 5.6, and so forth. For information on
upgrading to MySQL 5.5, see the MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual.
To upgrade to MySQL 5.6, use the items in the following checklist as a guide:
• Before any upgrade, back up your databases, including the mysql database that contains the grant
tables. See Section 7.2, “Database Backup Methods”.
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