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The surface fi eld Since the reflection is not quite complete, there will be a small tangential component of
electric field at the surface. We cannot calculate it yet, but we expect that it will be small.
The magnetic field will, however, still be almost double the magnetic field corresponding
to the incident wave, and we will find that this fact gives us a basis for calaculation of all
the fields if they are considered in an appropriate order.
In studying the penetration of the fields into the conductor then, we suppose the
tangential component H0 of the magnetic field at the surface is given (just double the
magnetic field of the incident wave) and is along Oy, and we calculate the remainder of
the field quantities from that parameter.
First we calculate the above-mentioned small electric field E0 at the surface, by using
the wave impedance
E0 = (1+j)RsH0 (9.16)
Note E0 is spatially perpendicular to H0, i.e. it will be along the Ox. Note the 45◦
phase factor as well.
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