The Liberal Party and other British parties

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The Liberal Party The Liberal Party, which traces its origins to the 18th century Whigs, merged with the new Social Democratic Party in 1988 to become the Liberal Democrats.
They seek to attract the votes of the middle ground between Labour and the Conservatives.
This party is less tied to either capitalist or union interests, and is free to offer more radical policies. The Liberal Party is strongly associated with policies of better education, environmental protection and constitutional reform to guarantee individual freedom. They support the adoption of proportional representation at elections.
Other parties in Great Britain:
Ulster Unionists (a Protestant Northern Irish Party), who largely campaign on the question of Northern Ireland remaining part of the UK.
The Social Democratic and Labour Party (a moderate Roman Catholic Northern Irish Party).
Sinn Fein (a Republican Northern Irish party, whose members are elected to the UK parliament but do not actually take their seats as they do not recognise its control of Northern Ireland).
The Scottish Nationalist Party which demands independence for Scotland.
Plaid Cymru which makes similar demands for Wales.
There are all manner of similar fringe parties that have no representation in Parliament. The most prominent examples are the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) which advocates a socialist society on the principles of Marx and Trotsky, and the Green Party which champions environmental policies.
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